Arctic WARNING: ‘ticking TIME BOMB’ of deadly disease

We know the ice sheets are melting due to Global Warming. One of the issues is the sea levels are going to rise. The other issues are much more concerning……


THE Arctic is a ‘ticking time bomb’ waiting to release deadly diseases which have been trapped in the ice for millions of years, researchers have stated. As humanity comes to grips with the spread of COVID-19, researchers believe there are many more deadly pathogens which have been frozen in Earth’s ancient past in the Arctic ice. And as the planet continues to warm and the poles melt, some scientists have claimed the North Pole is a “time bomb” waiting to unleash more deadly diseases unto the world.The Parvati Foundation, which is an all-volunteer group which works to create MAPS, the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary, “for the sake of all life” has warned that as the ice in the Arctic melts, bacteria which the human immune system is not used to will be released. You can read more about this here.




  • Scientists say that melting permafrost has the potential to unleash viruses and bacteria that have been dormant for tens or even hundreds of thousands of years.
  • DNA viruses would be most likely to survive long periods of time in frozen stasis.
  • Our best defense against an ancient viral outbreak is to take action to curb climate change and ensure those areas remain frozen.

Climate change remains a divisive topic despite mountains of evidence that humans are indeed the cause of a warming planet. Data doesn’t lie, but if you need another reason to do your part in slowing climate change, how about a wave of new diseases that modern humans have never seen before?


Scientists are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that thawing permafrost in the Arctic could awaken microbes that have laid dormant since long before humans took over most corners of the globe. If you thought the coronavirus pandemic was bad, consider a virus or bacteria that has laid dormant for tens or even hundreds of thousands of years coming back to haunt us. You can read more about this here.



This is also effecting the sea life!

When sea otters in Alaska were diagnosed with phocine distemper virus (PDV) in 2004, scientists were confused. The pathogen in the Morbillivirus genus that contains viruses like measles had then only been found in Europe and on the eastern coast of North America.


“We didn’t understand how a virus from the Atlantic ended up in these sea otters. It’s not a species that ranges widely,” says Tracey Goldstein, a scientist at the University of California Davis who investigates how pathogens move through marine ecosystems.


Using 15 years of data from 2001 to 2016, Goldstein and her research team were able to see upticks in PDV that corresponded with declines in Arctic sea ice. This new range for the otters likely allowed infected animals to move west, into new territories where the virus had not appeared before. The results of the study, published today in the journal Scientific Reports, shows how climate change may be opening up new pathways for disease to spread.


“We” need to stop/slow global warming.You can do your part by looking at your carbon footprint. It is important we make changes as individuals because as a collective 1 household there are millions of us now inhabiting the earth. Every 1 person who makes a change is brilliant. We need to work together, insulate our homes, use efficient heating systems. If you were warned of a catastrophic event such as a flood or tornado in your area, you would take action. Well the planet is warning us! This is not someone else’s problem, be a part of the solution!


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