Do You Need An EPC Certificate?

An EPC certificate is an energy performance certificate. These certificates give a rating for buildings according to their energy efficiency. They range from A through G, with A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient. There is an EPC certificate for domestic properties, and an EPC certificate commercial buildings need as well. The chances are good that you do need one of these certificates.


Why You Need One

You will be unable to do any of the following without this certificate.

  • Sell a property.
  • Build a property.
  • Rent out a property.


So, as you can see, this is a relevant certificate. Before you market your property for rent or sale, you must order one. Buyers and tenants must get a copy of this certificate. Buyers and tenants are very interested in the energy efficiency of a building or home. It helps them determine how much they will be spending on energy costs. These ratings are almost as important to potential buyers as the property photography that gets posted.


They Are Easy to Get, don’t worry

Don’t become stressed about having to get this certificate. It is easy to do. Just be sure to use a reputable company that is accredited and insured. They will take care of everything for you, and you shall get your certificate. Energy efficiency is so vital that these companies work to keep the cost down to provide you with the certification and information you need. These certificates are also useful for an entire decade. That is unless you want a new one to show an improved rating after doing work.


Is Anyone Exempt?

Places of worship are exempt, as are buildings scheduled to get torn down, industrial buildings, and temporary structures. Before deciding that you don’t need one, be sure to check with a professional. Fines for not having a certificate can be hefty.

Global warming is a huge problem, and using up energy resources is also a concern. It makes sense to do all that you can to help the environment. Knowing what your EPC is can give you a starting point to make some changes. The more energy-efficient your space is, the better for the world and the better for your bank account. Use your certificate to inspire yourself to do better. With a little, we can all bring up our grades. Let’s all aim for an A.

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