Why Do You Need An EPC Assessment

An EPC assessment is useful for buyers, sellers, and renters. While you may think of it as just one more thing that you have to do, this is something that serves a fundamental purpose. There are good reasons that you have to have one.


Home Sellers

If you own a property, you will not be able to sell the property without one. The certificate shows you and prospective buyers about the energy usage in the home. While energy usage can change, depending on their lifestyle and habits, they at least have a starting point as to what to expect. Each house receives a rating from A through G. The better your score, the more attractive your home may be to buyers.


Landlords Who Rent Our Apartments

You cannot lease your home with this certificate. Again, it’s to help renters know what to expect once they move in. It is useful for both you and the person who is renting the space.


  • By having this certificate, they know right away if they can afford the rent plus the energy costs.
  • It can save you from the aggravation of having tenants who cannot afford to live in the space.
  • You will get information on how to boost your rating.
  • A more attractive rating could be one of the things that attract someone to your apartment over another one.


Home Buyers and Renters

It is the responsibility of the homeowners to provide you with this certificate. Without it, you cannot and should not move into the home. This certificate has the information that you need. Not only will it provide you with the current energy demands of the property, but it also has information on how you can cut down on energy usage.


The Planet is Struggling

The more information that you have about saving energy and being more efficient, the better. The planet is struggling, and it’s up to every person to do their part. These certificates get designed to help the earth. Everything that you do to make your home more energy-efficient boosts your rating and helps save the planet.


When you think about the vital information these certificates provide, they are a bargain. They are suitable for a decade, so you won’t have to worry about yearly renewal fees. If it’s time for you to get your new certificate, do a search for ‘ EPC assessor near me‘.

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