Politics, War & Global Warming. What is the Link?


If we take a step back and look at this logically it is not difficult to see.

As countries around the world work to build security, they build weapons, tanks and spend billions to prepare their armies.

Why have out politicians not got this yet? We spend so much money across the globe on war when we should be scaling back. We are civilized people, or are we?

If all this money across the world was spent on doing battle with Climate Change and Global Warming, we would win in no time.

Our politicians know what needs to be done, however the cost is too high. They would rather invest in weapons of mass destruction.  Why has the countries of the world not banded together to solve this problem? Put down the weapons, put aside the differences and concentrate on the issue at hand.

Who knows, they might even find a common bond throughout all of this and decide fighting is not worth it.

Look what happened when the world came together over Covid-19, lock downs in every country. We actually witnessed a common cause and the planet actually cooled! Take the cars off the road and the planes out of the sky and we cooled!

Obviously, we cannot remove cars or air planes, but we can invest in clean technology. We can invest in planting trees, Electric cars, moving away from fossil fuels. There are tons of things we can do.

Why are we investing all this money to send machines and people into space?

Is this really necessary at this point and time, could these programs not be put on hold until we get this climate issue sorted out? This money would be better suited towards this fight we are in.

How do we get these world leaders to listen? Not sure…. Something needs to give. Organisations like the UN and Nato need to step in before it is too late, this could kill off the human race.

Like I said PRIORITES! The countries around the world need to get their priorities right.

Give it a thought, instead of killing each other, Covid-19 is doing a good job of that.  Let’s work together as one world!

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