Get a Fast, Efficient EPC Report with our EPC Assessor

The Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC report is a requirement for all domestic and commercial properties in the UK. The regulations have changed dramatically over the years as we learn more about global warming and the impact humanity has on the environment. The EPC report is designed to help property owners understand where their property is in terms of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) set in law in the UK. An EPC assessor comes to your home or commercial property and reviews the entire building, including the loft. The EPC assessor will create a drawing of the property, and take notes and photos to assess heat and air emitters, lighting, and more. Domestic EPC reports start at only £50 (no VAT) for homes with four bedrooms or fewer. Once a survey is booked, the EPC assessor will come to your home and complete the assessment. The EPC report will be emailed or posted to you that same day. The price and timeline for larger homes and commercial properties varies based on the size and complexity of the property. Most commercial properties will require at least an hour for the survey and the EPC report will be sent within a few days of the survey taking place. The cost of the survey will range, but can be several hundred pounds for commercial properties that have multiple floors and complex floor plans.

Whatever your needs, our EPC assessor is here to help you get your required EPC report quickly and efficiently. For those properties that fall under MEES, we also offer consulting to help you get your property back to a band E or higher rating. Contact us today to book your EPC survey or learn more about our EPC report services.