Complete Your Energy Performance Certificate Today
Did you know that 43% of carbon emissions in the UK come from Britain’s ‘leaky homes’? Your energy efficiency certificate determines where your commercial or residential property stands in terms of your carbon footprint. The UK requires that properties meet a minimum energy rating of E or higher. That means that if your property is graded at a band F or G, steps must be taken to improve your energy performance certificate or EPC.

If you are attempting to sell your home, let it to tenants, or you are building a new home, an energy performance certificate is required. Once complete, your EPC lasts for ten years unless any major changes to HVAC, tenancy, or floorplan are made to the property within those ten years.

The same applies for commercial properties, although properties of a certain size must also post their energy efficiency certificate in a publicly visible space. At EPC Solutions Northeast, we complete both domestic and commercial energy performance certificate ratings

Domestic properties of four bedrooms or fewer can be booked and completed quickly. Survey appointments are only approximately 30 minutes in length and you receive your EPC the same day. Our EPC assessor will visit your home and survey every room, also viewing the loft for insulation. They will review your lighting (fixed lighting only), windows, heat and air emitters, and any other aspect of your home that contributes to energy efficiency. Simple things like switching from halogen to LED light bulbs help improve your energy efficiency certificate rating.

If you are looking for someone to complete an EPC certificate near me, consider contacting us at EPC Solutions Northeast. We have been providing assessments and consultancy on energy performance certificate since 2008, maintaining our knowledge of regulations and changes to laws throughout the past decade. Our professional assessors and friendly staff will help guide you through the EPC process so you step away with an energy efficiency certificate and a better understanding of the importance of Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards in the UK. We gladly offer both an EPC certificate near me and the tips you need to improve the efficiency of your home.

For those customers who are considering selling or letting their property, we also offer affordable and professional photography and floor plans to help improve your property listing. Estate Agents and property owners alike can ask us about our minimal photography and floor plan fee, and we will gladly complete both during our survey of your home. Contact us today to learn more about our energy performance certificate and other great services.