Domestic EPC

An EPC is required when a property is sold or let If a property rates below a band E it cannot be legally let. This falls into the MEES Legislation (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard) We can offer guidance on how to improve the rating.

Domestic EPC’s.  For properties up to 4 bedrooms the cost is Over 5 bedrooms quoted separately. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes. Larger houses can take longer.

The EPC Certificate is prepared the same day and e-mailed or posted to you.

A floor plan is drawn of your property showing all rooms, heating, lights (only fixed lights are counted, not table lamps) and measurements are taken. The assessor will need to take photographs (photographs will include all elevations of the property, wall construction, heating elements, lights, the loft space and bath or showers) These are mandatory for the accreditation scheme and for audit purposes. The photographs will be securely stored  in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018

Access is required to all rooms of the property and the loft will be inspected ( the surveyor only needs to look in they do not need to go into the loft)

Have to hand  when possible any documents for loft or cavity wall insulation, planning applications and documents for the glazing.

Please note; properties with all electric heating will always achieve a lower rating. Insulation is important, be sure your loft and cavity walls are insulated.  Additionally energy efficient lighting is important. Halogen lights will always lower the rating. Change the Halogen lights out for LED lighting. You will notice a change in your electric bill!

If you have Solar PV any documents would be helpful to determine the Kw hours of production.  This is an important aspect when calculating the energy efficiency of your house and will have a good impact on the rating.  If no documents are available default values are used based on the percentage of the roof that is covered by the panels. The default values are never as good as having the Kwh of production.

The EPC Certificate is good for 10 years unless you make any changes to the property that affect the thermal performance. Such as new glazing, a new boiler, insulation.

Commercial Level 3 + 4  EPC

Commercial Level 3 & 4 buildings,  the price is quoted based on the size of the building and the type of heating system. Have available any maintenance manuals, service logs for the HAVC systems. Planning applications or any documents would be helpful however not necessary.

A full site drawing is made on the property and the building is measured. Photographs are taken that are relevant to the survey such as heating systems, windows, walls and hot water systems. All information is stored per the Data Protection Act of 2018.

Surveys can take from an hour onward depending on the size of the property and the complexity of the construction.

An EPC is required when a property is sold or let. If a property rates below a Band E on the EPC it cannot be let until energy efficiency improvements are made. Typically with commercial buildings, the lighting plays an important part. We offer full MEES guidance (Minimum Efficiency Rating)

We offer full SAP Calculations utilising the latest software