Get Your EPC Survey and Floor Plan Creator all in One Place
Have you been looking for an EPC surveyor near me? EPC Solutions Northeast provides a professional EPC survey for domestic and commercial properties, and so much more! Our services go beyond the basic EPC assessment and provide support, consulting, photography, and a floor plan creator for our clients. Getting an EPC survey is just one step in the process of meeting the UK’s regulations. If your certificate doesn’t meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), it is important to work with an EPC surveyor near me who can also guide you as you determine what changes need to be made to your property in order to improve your EPC rating.

EPC Solutions Northeast also works with our clients to help provide services that will aid them in getting their property ready to sell. We offer professional photography services for a minimal fee, ensuring you get high-quality photos for your property listing or to advertise the property to future tenants. Having the right photos can help improve your chances of getting a great tenant or selling your home or commercial property at the price it deserves. Another helpful contributor to selling or letting your home is providing a floor plan for customers to view. That is why EPC Solutions Northeast offers affordable floor plans with our floor plan creator. Part of your EPC survey includes creating a drawing of your property. For an additional fee, our EPC surveyor near me will take the required survey drawings and create a digital floor plan through our floor plan creator. These can be used in your listing to help tenants or buyers better understand the layout of your home or property. The floor plan creator is a great addition to any property listing, whether you are an Estate Agent or property owner.

Floor plan (no VAT) for a three bedroom property. The price varies based on the size and complexity of your property. We do our best to get your floor plan to you within 24 hours of your survey. While floor plans help with property sales and listings, they also help you visualize any changes that need to be made to improve your EPC rating. Ask us about the many other great reasons to consider our floor plan creator!

The services offered at EPC Solutions Northeast are designed to help property owners reduce their carbon footprint and provide a safe and efficient environment for tenants, homeowners, and commercial property owners. If you are looking for an EPC surveyor near me or are interested in our professional photography and floor plan creator services, contact us today to book your property survey. We are here to help!